Cat sitting in St Andrews, Kingsbarns, East Neuk and other local Fife areas.

Ideal if you have more than one cat (making catteries expensive); a cat which is nervous, ill, old, very young; or you and your cats just don't like catteries. Why not leave them happy and comfortable in their own familiar stamping grounds in the care of an experienced cat skivvy? I have looked after single cats and multi-cat households, including breeders’.

  1. BulletHome visits once or twice a day to care for your cats

  2. BulletLitter trays cheerfully cleaned

  3. BulletMedication given; special diets supervised

  4. BulletVet visits if necessary, including previously booked appointments

  5. BulletSmall furries, birds, fish and plants cared for too

  6. BulletMail lifted, curtains can be drawn, lights turned on/off

  7. BulletBins put out & taken in

  8. BulletMilk/bread/newspaper can be bought for your return

  9. BulletKeep in touch by email/text for your peace of mind, if you wish

  10. BulletInsured pet sitter; references available; pet minding since 1999

More information via the links above – but please do email if you have questions – there is a button at the foot of every page. Email preferred to phone, and is frequently checked. You can also message me via my Facebook page.

Home visits
  to care for your cats